First Post as a Freelance Web Designer

So I took the leap and started as a Freelance Web Designer. This was not an easy decision to make but one made easier after being made redundant by my last employer.

I have enjoyed creating and maintaining websites during my time at my last employer as well as rebuilding the website at West Kirby Sailing Club. From these many people have asked me to build them websites but whilst being full time employed and already maintaining another website in my own time I found that I could not easily fulfil the needs of everyone.

Then the dreaded redundancy occurred and although it was terrifying at first I quickly was consoled in the fact that there were people who would want my product if I offered it freelance, and so the story of Sunshine Web Design began.

I found that deciding upon software and hosts was simple with my past experience focusing heavily in these areas, I knew what I wanted for doing freelance web design almost immediately. It was things like accounting and some client based software which was a struggle to find. As with everything, it all comes together eventually though!

The first few months have been great fun, but a little bit daunting at the same time! I know I can design amazing websites for almost anyone but there’s definitely an added pressure when its someone else’s business you are designing for but this is definitely a pressure I am learning to thrive within.

Anyway, time to get back to the world of web design!