Small Business E-commerce

Coronavirus has affected many, if not all small businesses. Most of us have had to close down or we have been slowed down a lot. There are ways around this though. E-commerce is the perfect fix for small businesses that have physical products or services that can be performed remotely.

For those who have never heard of e-commerce, it is the commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet – think Amazon, Ebay etc.

Small business e-commerce is the perfect solution during coronavirus. With the current climate e-commerce may be the only way to conduct business transactions til later in the year, the world is very unpredictable and e-commerce could be a very good investment.

Things to think about with small business e-commerce:

  • Payment system – there are many, some are better than others, some of the best ones are Strip, Gocardless or Paypal to name a few. These are all linkable to your business account and are relatively simple to set up.
  • Pricing – consider the costs of e-commerce. You will experience some small costs through having a website (which you may have anyway) and the payment system.
  • All business owners hope their business will grow in the future, but you may not know to what extent. Nonetheless, it’s important to look for a platform that will scale along with your business.
    You don’t want to pay for features and storage that you’re not using when you first start out. You also want to keep up with higher demands as your business takes off. Choose a platform that you can scale to your business size and that won’t charge you outrageous fees for doing so.

Sunshine Web Design can create e-commerce websites for you starting at £500, we will make a proposal when we know the scale of the project, for instance you may sell just one or two items or hundreds!

If you want to know more please get in contact today!