The benefits of a coming soon page

Whilst building a website there will inevitably be a time period when your website is not ready for public viewing. The biggest mistake made during this time is not having some form of coming soon or maintenance page.

We will take a look into why it is a good thing to have this page with 4 reasons.

1. Display a Launch Date

If someone visits a page before its launched it is highly likely that they are interested in your goods or services. There is nothing worse to display to a potential customer than a standard error from your host. 

Simply displaying a message like: “Coming soon” is fine as long as you can supply the customer with some information.

If you let the customer know exactly when you will launch by either a date or a countdown.

This will help them to revisit it when it’s live and functional.

From this
To this

2. Attract newsletter subscriptions

A simple coming soon is fine, whats better is getting a visitor to sign up to a newsletter.

Capturing data is huge for any company so having a means to capture email data is great for a business. This way you can also send a newsletter to all subscribers when the site comes live.

Remember about GDPR rules whilst performing this function!

3. Get social media followers

Social media is important for any company.

A coming soon page is a great way to gain followers on your social media platforms. In turn this ends up being the perfect way to inform your followers about the launch of your new website when it goes live.

I highly recommend setting up social media profiles as soon as you can if you haven’t already.

Majestic Hair's coming soon page with social media links and contact details

4. Show your contact details

A lot of times someone will visit a website is to find out contact details. A contact page is generally the 2nd or 3rd most visited page on a website.

Simply adding your contact details can be a great help to customers, particularly if you are already an established company.

Final Words

A coming soon page is a powerful start to your websites life whilst the build is completed in the background. It should be utilised instead of seeing an error page and it helps customers. 
It is simple enough to perform as well but in the end it is up to you as a business owner to decide what to do.